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Phuc Khang Corporation CEO inspires female entrepreneurs at Hawee Leaders Forum 2022

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Hundreds of guests who are entrepreneurs, experts, and business leaders attended the “Hawee Leaders Forum 2022” themed “Growth Mindset – Breakthrough Faith” on May 20.

The Hawee Leaders Forum is an annual event held by the HCMC Association for Women Executives & Entrepreneurs (HAWEE). This year’s edition is aimed at providing participants with necessary leadership methods in the ever-changing world, along with lessons learned and real stories from speakers who are entrepreneurs, business leaders, and organization representatives.

The event featured Cao Thi Ngoc Dung, chairwoman of HAWEE, and four inspiring speakers including Luu Thi Thanh Mau, CEO at Phuc Khang Corporation; Nguyen Hong Son, director at Military Hospital 175; Phan To Quyen, COO at Microsoft Vietnam; Tieu Yen Trinh, CEO at Talentnet; and Luong Ngoc Tien, teacher of Search Inside Yourself, serving as moderator of the forum.

At the event, the speakers shared many touching stories about the steady journey of starting a business, the strong transformation of companies and organizations, and listened to each other about plans to lead the business to achieve breakthroughs in 2022.

As one of the four speakers of the event, Luu Thi Thanh Mau, CEO of Phuc Khang Corporation, touched participants when she shared about the process of establishing and developing the company with aspirations toward creating the very first international-standard green buildings for Vietnam.

People who follow the Growth Mindset Culture are those not afraid to fail and always striving to achieve their goals. They always pursue growth every single day, learn new lessons, and push beyond their limits. A leader with a growth mindset must know how to motivate the team, foster talent for the company, dare to accept failure, dare to try new things, and be the one who encourages people to believe in the mission and goals of the company.

Phuc Khang Corporation’s CEO is one of the “female captains” that owns a growth mindset and has spread this mindset to the company’s employees. The journey of developing Phuc Khang Corporation by CEO Luu Thi Thanh Mau has become a touching story, an endless source of inspiration about the philosophy of self-development for hundreds of participants joining the forum.

Being established in the context of the property market suffering a huge impact of the global economic crisis in 2008, Phuc Khang Corporation was determined to meet the need of middle-income earners and choose satellite cities as the hot spots of the real estate market.

The CEO recalls: “Since the days I was at college, I had learned, worked, encountered many difficulties, gained much experience, and then embarked on the real estate business. Setting goals and being persistent to pursue them is the key to helping me develop the current Phuc Khang.”

The year 2015 is considered a significant milestone – a breakthrough period of Phuc Khang on a journey of commitment. Phuc Khang endeavored to create more sotisphicated products that required higher technical, design, and technology levels and high-rise apartment products in accordance to LEED (USA) and LOTUS (Vietnam) green building standards. Particularly, the Diamond Lotus Riverside project was born. It can be said that it is the career aspiration that helps create the current Phuc Khang.

After over one decade of establishment and development, Phuc Khang Corporation has become the leading developer of international-standard green buildings in Vietnam. Phuc Khang’s green buildings have contributed to the conservation of natural resources. They are eco-friendly, and can ensure the health of the users, in addition to long life of the building (reducing about 30-35% of carbon emissions, saving 30-50% of water used).

Diamond Lotus Riverside luxury green apartment (District 8, HCMC) was built in line with the LEED and LOTUS standards

The CEO shared: “My happiness is the journey of working and trying to learn new things non-stop, the ups and downs with my business associates to be able to create Phuc Khang as it is today. The process of learning, coaching and sharing knowledge to help develop the mindset has been applied internally since the very first days of establishment. I am happy as I have passed on the flame of passion in developing standard green buildings to hundreds of employees, who have been working together for a green and sustainable Vietnam.”

With the mindset of being willing to acquire new knowledge, the Phuc Khang CEO has spent much time and budget to approach and learn more from experts in the U.S., Japan, Singapore as well as from leading professional advisors in Vietnam.

In its further steps on the journey of sustainable development, Phuc Khang always maintains the value of “mind” – “will” – “trust”, constantly strives for the better, and integrates itself with the international market to offer the best products to customers.

The company has always been applying and operating these three special standards: Transferring work between departments, digitalizing through upgrading technology to catch up with the latest trends, and “green” transformation in accordance with the mission of creating green buildings. All of them have helped Phuc Khang always be the leader on its journey.

Having managed to apply the principles of “Growth Mindset”, Phuc Khang at first achieved a fair amount of success.  For instance, its first green apartment was sold after only one year with an occupancy rate of 84%. The price of green properties has increased by an astounding 175%, receiving the trust of major partners from demanding markets such as Underwriters Laboratories Group (UL – USA), Mitsubishi Corporation (Japan).

Aside from business profits, the success and sustainability of a business must go hand in hand with responsibilities and benefits for the society. The CEO believes that making money to do good deeds is the old way with Phuc Khang Corporation, as true CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) practice requires doing good things and making money concurrently. CSR activities are also the pillar of the company’s development.

The tranquil and fresh atmostphere in the Lotus Village Culture – Trading – Tourism Urban Area – a product which Phuc Khang Corporation is highly proud of

On the upcoming journey, CEO Luu Thi Thanh Mau is interested in offering training to the next generation by developing human resources for all levels of management.

“Anyone who loves nature and green buildings, who is passionate about contributing to the community, protecting the environment to help create a greener and more traditional Vietnam is the second generation of Phuc Khang,” the CEO added.

Phuc Khang Corporation always pursues its mission of being the pioneer, promoting a better lifestyle for public health and a sustainable human and ecological environment in line with the global green standards, with the core value of Mind – Will – Trust to create unique and outstanding genuine green products that offer practical benefits to customers and the society.

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