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Politburo urges licensing eligible individuals, organizations to buy Covid-19 vaccines

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HCMC – The Politburo has asked the competent agencies to consider and allow organizations and individuals meeting requirements to buy and provide Covid-19 vaccines to accelerate the vaccination process for local residents.

At a meeting on June 11, the Politburo issued conclusions on key missions for the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, while ensuring socioeconomic development, the local media reported.

Accordingly, the Politburo noted that the pandemic has been showing complicated developments but has basically been controlled.

Vietnam has been considered as one of the countries combating the pandemic most effectively.

The country has made positive socioeconomic achievements, while its national defense and security have been ensured and large events have been held successfully.

The Politburo hailed the local people and overseas Vietnamese for supporting the fight against Covid-19.

However, the fourth Covid-19 wave has been more complicated with a high speed of transmission, causing multiple difficulties for local residents as well as production and business activities.

Some agencies and residents remained heedless and passive in combating the pandemic.

To achieve the dual goals of fighting the pandemic and ensuring stable socioeconomic development, the Politburo asked the entire political system to pay more attention to Covid-19 prevention and control with the spirit of “fighting the pandemic like fighting an enemy”.

Solutions to respond to all situations must be available.

In addition, drastic, flexible and strong solutions should be worked out and executed, especially in localities with a large population and many industrial parks.

The Politburo also ordered the reduction of expenditures, especially regular expenses, to ensure sufficient funding for the anti-pandemic work.

The Party Committees of the Government and the National Assembly must closely cooperate to remove obstacles in policies to support production and business activities amid the pandemic.

The Politburo also directed the piloting of Covid-19 vaccine passports for international guests to some tourism hubs, such as Phu Quoc.

Moreover, it is necessary to come up with solutions to boost the consumption of agricultural products.

Obstacles in policies must be removed to mobilize all the possible resources for the purchase of Covid-19 vaccines and the Covid-19 vaccine fund must be developed to provide the vaccines for residents, prioritizing frontline workers and laborers at industrial parks as well as children.

Vaccination programs with specific roadmaps must be designed and publicized at the earliest. Meanwhile, the domestic research and production of Covid-19 vaccines should be encouraged and supported.

The competent agencies should foster international cooperation to access more Covid-19 vaccine sources.

Additionally, the Politburo asked for the close control of immigrants and solutions to the illegal entry into Vietnam through border gates.

Those that complete their duties should be praised and commended, while those who are negligent and subjective in controlling the pandemic and violate anti-pandemic regulations must face heavy sanctions.

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