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Proposed emissions fee collection seen bringing VND1.2 trillion/y

The Saigon Times

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HCMC – The Ministry of Finance has introduced a new plan for addressing air pollution by introducing an emissions fee and potentially bringing VND1.2 trillion to the country’s annual budget revenue.

This move is a response to growing concerns about deteriorating air quality in urban areas, industrial zones, and craft villages.

The ministry has highlighted the expansion of the economy and the subsequent rise in emissions from industries and vehicles as significant contributors to the worsening pollution.

The proposed emissions fees are part of a larger effort to tackle this environmental issue. The ministry’s draft decree on environmental protection fees is currently being evaluated by government bodies, local administrations and businesses.

With around five million motor vehicles and 45 million motorbikes on the roads, along with numerous industrial complexes engaged in various activities like bauxite production, steel manufacturing, and oil refining, Vietnam is facing an air quality crisis.

Compounding the problem are nearly 120,000 industrial establishments, 138 of which are considered severe polluters, in addition to around 110,000 construction businesses. The emissions from these sources, including industrial pollutants and particulate matter, significantly harm the environment, according to the ministry.

The ministry stressed that many of these entities, both organizations and individuals, lack a complete understanding of their responsibilities, underscoring the need to establish a framework for emissions fees.

The proposed decree outlines a tiered fee structure based on emission levels and monitoring requirements. It suggests a fixed fee of VND3 million per year for all emission sources to cover the costs of managing pollutants beyond the “big four” – total particulate matter, nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur oxide (SOx) and carbon monoxide (CO).

Furthermore, variable fees ranging from VND500 to VND800 per ton of emitted pollutants are proposed for facilities subject to emissions monitoring.

For implementation, the ministry suggests designating the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment as the responsible collection agency.

The Ministry of Finance estimated that the emissions fees could generate an additional annual revenue of VND1.2 trillion. The money is expected to play a vital role in combating air pollution, particularly in areas with significant emission sources.

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