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Pros and cons of AI

By Hieu Minh

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Every year, when sending New Year’s greetings, people often use a familiar template: “Wishing your family good health and prosperity in the coming year…” I asked my friend in IT for advice on how to wish for Tet with AI assistance, and ChatGPT suggested using the generic phrase “Happy New Year” to avoid any potential mishaps. Reflecting on the technology of the past year (2023), the launch of ChatGPT made a global sensation. Many experts predicted that the AI revolution was booming, transforming various aspects of human life, from artistic creativity, new job opportunities, elimination of old jobs, changes in journalism, to sophisticated medical assistance and treatment. However, they also warned that the rapid development of AI posed serious risks to humanity. In Hollywood, filmmakers took to the street for months as their jobs were being gradually replaced by AI. Scenes that used to cost millions of dollars, involving high-altitude climbing, setting up studios, renting airplanes, stunt doubles, could now be accomplished without physical settings. Just hire a few programmers on the cheap and use open-source software to avoid copyright issues. Whether we like it or not, AI is already a part of our lives, and we must face it […]
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