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Prunus cerasoides season in Dalat plateau

By Nguyen Trung Au

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As spring comes a-knocking, Dalat City in the Lam Vien plateau comes alive with the bright colors of numerous flowers, especially the pink hues of the Prunus cerasoides blossoms.

Dalat, the most famous city in the Central Highlands region of Vietnam, was discovered by Dr. Alexandre Yersin in the late 19th century. It is located on the Lam Vien plateau, around 1,500 meters above sea level.

Thanks to its favorable climate, poetic beauty, and special flora on the surrounding mountain ranges, Dalat was dubbed as a second Paris.

With a variety of flowers in full bloom throughout the year, Dalat is also considered a city of flowers and has become a popular place for numerous flower festivals in the country.

Ahead of the Tet holiday, or Lunar New Year, is when the most famous flowers in Dalat – Prunus cerasoides – blossom, signaling the arrival of spring and creating dreamlike scenes across the city.

This beautiful flower can easily be found along the Prenn mountain pass, Xuan Huong Lake, streets of Tran Hung Dao, Hung Vuong, Trai Mat, Cau Dat, and many other places in the urban areas and forests outside the city.

Thousands of Prunus cerasoides trees in full bloom with pinkish-white blossoms attract locals and visitors alike.

Prunus cerasoides blossoms are most beautiful in the sunlight
Prunus cerasoides trees growing in a garden
Young visitors take photos of the Prunus cerasoides blossoms
Greenhouses and coffee gardens under the Prunus cerasoides blossoms
A visitor admires the beauty of the Prunus cerasoides blossoms
Clusters of Prunus cerasoides blossoms
Prunus cerasoides blossoms can help Dalat develop various tourism activities
Old Prunus cerasoides trees can easily be found in the suburbs of Dalat City
Prunus cerasoides blossoms are the highlight of the plateau’s beauty
Tourists usually visit Da Lat during the flower season, especially when the Prunus cerasoides trees bloom
Similar to the cherry blossoms in the North and the yellow Mai flowers in the South, the Prunus cerasoides blossoms signal the arrival of the Lunar New Year
Young visitors are eager to pose for a photo under the Prunus cerasoides trees
Mong Dao Nguyen has become one of the famous tourist destinations thanks to its breathtaking beauty and a large forest of Prunus cerasoides trees

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