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Radiant bridge in Tra Su cajuput forest

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Tourists visiting Tra Su cajuput forest cannot but admire An Giang Tourimex for its creative and special artistic facilities in the cajuput forest that have been emerging since the company started improving the tourist area. With these projects, the tourist site has welcomed more tourists from across the country.

Once again, a new facility which has a creative design and symbolizes the prosperity of the region is taking shape in the tourist site.

If tourists want to explore the rustic and natural Mekong Delta, Tra Su tourist site will be an ideal destination with bamboo and wooden bridges which are popular with people in the region. Such bridges hold a typical cultural value during the development of the southwestern region. Therefore, An Giang Tourimex has used materials which are popular in the region, carefully created the design and built the bridge to conserve cultural values in the cajuput forest.

The wooden bridge will cross a canal in Tra Su cajuput forest and start at the main gate of the forest.

Recently, the forest has been famous for Vietnam’s longest bamboo bridge. The investor is building a wooden bridge crossing a canal in the cajuput forest and linking the gate of the tourist site with the other side of the cajuput forest.

Earlier, tourists had to wait for their turn to take dinghies to visit the cajuput forest. However, the bridge, when in place, will help them reduce waiting time and have more time to experience the landscape.

With an innovative and modern design which features the stylized Vietnam’s longest bamboo bridge, the wooden bridge will be attractive to visitors like Pont des Arts, the famous love lock bridge in Paris. The wooden bridge will help connect people and nature as well as strengthen the ties of tourists, the investor and the tropical museum in the region. The bridge will impress tourists as soon as they reach the tourist site.

The bridge will symbolize the strong development of An Giang Province and celebrate the fact that the prime minister has recognized Long Xuyen City of the province as grade-1 urban region. This mirrors a meaningful detail in the novel Roman of the Three Kingdoms by Luo Guanzhong that when Cao Cao built Tong Que Tai, he required building arch bridges to link the main tower with two other towers, implying his success.

The investor will make the cajuput forest more artistic and romantic with the wooden bridge, Vietnam’s most beautiful wooden bridge in cajuput forest.

The wooden bridge in the cajuput forest, when completed, will be Vietnam’s most beautiful wooden bridge in the cajuput forest, making Tra Su cajuput forest have three records. And the cajuput forest will later set another record: the eco-tourist site with the most records in Vietnam. An Giang, with the key economic sector of tourism, will develop more significantly. Strategic investors, especially An Giang Tourimex, have made great efforts to boost the development of the tourism sector.

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