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Rains in the ancient town

Text & photos by Xuan Vinh

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Visitors to Hoi An City’s ancient quarter in the central province of Quang Nam during the early days of November are in for a delightful surprise. While the sun still graces the sky, sudden rain showers create a captivating and rare spectacle. Even more enchanting, seven-color rainbows often adorn the sky during these showers.

Both local and foreign tourists revel in this unique weather, strolling through the rain with colorful umbrellas or donning raincoats to embrace the refreshing raindrops. Some opt to explore the town on three-wheeled cyclos, adding to the charming ambiance of Hoi An’s ancient streets.

Cycling through the unexpected rain
Tourists walk hand in hand with umbrellas, savoring the interplay of rain and sunshine
Riding a cyclo to enjoy the town during the rain
A foreign family dons raincoats to relish this special moment
A female tourist savors local cuisine while capturing the magic of the rain
Holding umbrellas during the rain to capture the unique blend of sun and rain is a favorite choice among many young visitors
Rainbows emerge after a sudden rain shower in the sunshine
Some tourists brave the rain without raincoats or umbrellas as they explore the town
Convoys of cyclos ferry tourists up and down, providing a view of Hoi An’s ancient quarter
Hoi An’s ancient quarter bathed in coolness and adorned with lantern lights
Hoi An reflects beautifully in rainwater puddles
International tourists are seen in Hoi An in Vietnamese ao dai (traditional long dress) after the rain

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