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Recovering quickly after pandemic thanks to sustainable development

The Saigon Times

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After four Covid-19 waves, Vietnam’s economy has suffered considerable losses as thousands of enterprises have withdrawn from the market.

However, amid the tough challenges, many businesses, especially foreign direct investment (FDI) enterprises, have maintained or even expanded their operation in Vietnam owing to their resilience and sustainable development. While having striven to prevent production and supply chain disruptions, some have managed to contribute further to the community. Lee & Man Vietnam is among them.

Amid the difficulties triggered by the pandemic, the company has still adhered to the sustainable development target as a way to expediate its production and business recovery.

Joining the fight against Covid-19

During the pandemic, Lee & Man Vietnam has conducted multiple practical activities to join hands with the authorities of Hau Giang Province, where its paper mill is located, to combat the pandemic.

The company has recently contributed VND200 million to the Covid-19 vaccine fund of the province to help more local residents access Covid-19 vaccines at the earliest. It has also handed over five laptops and five printers worth over VND115 million to the provincial Center for Disease Control to help frontline forces in data processing.

Most recently, it has donated 3,000 bottles of salt water, 1,000 bottles of hand sanitizers and medical face masks to the provincial Center for Disease Control.

Besides supporting the authorities, Lee & Man has paid attention to laborers affected by the pandemic in the province by giving rice to them.

Lee & Man Vietnam CEO Chung Wai Fu said one of the major goals of the company after the pandemic was to join hands with the local authorities to stabilize locals’ lives and then to recover the economy, quickly bringing about a new normal life.

“We understand that enterprises play an important role in the post-pandemic economic recovery. This is an opportunity for enterprises to demonstrate their responsibility to the community,” Chung added.

Lee & Man contributes significantly to the community betterment in Hau Giang

Long-term contributions

In addition to joining forces in coping with urgent issues, Lee & Man has sought ways to improve the quality of locals’ livelihood for the long term.

“We believe that sustainable development is the most effective way to grow in the long term and a key for enterprises to overcome crises,” Chung said.

According to Lee & Man, enterprises’ responsibility to the community should not be lip service or limited to assigned tasks, but must be proved through practical activities creating a positive impact on the lives of local residents.

In over three years operating in Vietnam, the company has created stable jobs for thousands of local laborers, raising their incomes and living standards.

During the stay-at-work period, Lee & Man Vietnam has focused on easing difficulties facing its employees and enhancing plans to ensure laborers’ health. Its laborers have been also vaccinated against Covid-19 and undergone quick Covid-19 tests twice a week so that Covid-19 cases would be detected quickly and the safety of the remainder would be ensured.

In the upcoming periods, Lee & Man Vietnam, which has supplied nearly 80% of the local paper volume, commits to continuing to bring good values to the community, spend more efforts on the betterment of the society, attach more importance to the social welfare and pursue the sustainable development plan set out on the very first days of its presence in Vietnam.

After three years operating in Vietnam, Lee & Man has striven to cement its position by improving the quality of its products and demonstrating its responsibility to the community, Chung added.

To pursue the sustainable development goal and maintain its position as the leading supplier of packaging paper in Vietnam, Lee & Man will continue to expand production under the circular economy model, apply advanced technologies in production and waste treatment, focus on the development of local human resources and conduct more community activities.

The company is committed to the sustainable development in three aspects: economy, environmental protection and society, according to Chung.

Due to its efforts, Lee & Man was honored as one of the 100 sustainable enterprises in Vietnam for three consecutive years (2018-2020) by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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