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Refreshing greenery of Tuyen Quang

By Hai Duong

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With its enchanting landscapes, Tuyen Quang is likened to a green princess in the mountains and forests of northeastern Vietnam. About 200 kilometers north of Hanoi, Tuyen Quang is known for Chiem Hoa, Na Hang and Lam Binh districts where visitors can explore beautiful landscapes.

These districts boast cool, pristine streams and waterfalls such as Ban Ba Waterfall in Chiem Hoa, Mo Waterfall, and Khuoi Nhi Waterfall in Na Hang. Particularly, the scenic Na Hang Lake stands out as a natural masterpiece for tourists to enjoy at their leisure.

As travelers journey from Chiem Hoa to Na Hang and Lam Binh, they should not miss the sight of the emerald-green Lo Gam River winding gracefully around the mountains and hills.

The layered limestone mountains beside the Na Hang Hydroelectric Reservoir
Coc Vai Pha, a unique highlight in the heart of the reservoir
A small boat dock at sunset by the reservoir
The misty morning scene along the Lo Gam River
The peaceful and refreshing beauty amidst the mountains and forests of Tuyen Quang
A group of tourists cooling off by Ban Ba Waterfall
Small streams flowing amidst the mountains and forests of Na Hang
A waterfall stream forms a crystal-clear lake
The enchanting beauty of the Ban Ba Waterfall area
The dreamy Mo Waterfall in Na Hang
Tourists explores the waterfall together
Khuoi Nhi Waterfall shows its beauty in the forest
Experiencing a waterfall bath in the green nature is truly wonderful
A simple village by the deep green Lo Gam River

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