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Relaxation on riverbanks

Text & photos by Hai Duong

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The Red River has been an integral part of Hanoi for centuries, with its banks adorned with layers of alluvium that captivate both locals and visitors alike.

When the scorching summer days arrive, Hanoians flock to the Red River in the early morning or late afternoon to enjoy themselves and explore the surroundings. Over time, the riverbanks have transformed into an idyllic spot for picnics, particularly popular among young people. Here, they create lasting memories, engage in fishing, take bike rides, or even set up camp.

Sunset casts its gentle glow over the riverside city
It’s the perfect time for a camping adventure
Racing enthusiasts find delight in the sand-dotted puddles near the river
Young people gather by the Red River to indulge in their passion for model cars
The expansive lawn and fresh air offer an ideal setting for exhilarating model car races
Anglers find solace and relaxation along the banks of the Red River
A man takes photos of a woman by the river
Families spend quality time together in the longan garden during weekends
Enchanting photography sessions amidst the rocks and grass along the Red River
The allure of the longan garden draws couples seeking picturesque wedding photos
As the day draws to a close, colorful kites dance in the sky above the river
A father and son embark on a leisurely horse ride along the banks of the Red River
A group of adventurous young souls set up camp on the lush grass near Vinh Tuy Bridge
A dedicated fisherman quietly carries out his work by the river’s edge
Unique formations of sand dunes and puddles create a captivating sight by the river

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