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Residents may be charged weight-based waste collection fees

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HCMC – According to a new regulation of a draft law on Environmental Protection, local households could be charged fees for waste collection based on weight or volume instead of the current per household or per capita costs.

With the new regulation, the more garbage a household generates, the higher the fees they pay for waste collection and treatment, noted Tran Hong Ha, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, at the ongoing 14th National Assembly’s ninth session on June 11.

For some time, local residents will have to pay only a partial amount of the waste collection and treatment fees and the State will take care of the rest. However, when their living conditions improve, the competent agencies will make adjustments so local residents can pay the entire amount, the minister explained.

The draft law also includes other regulations that boost waste sorting at source. Organizations, individuals and households are required to buy bags and containers for storing household garbage, and waste collectors have the right to refuse to collect and transport the waste in case the trash has not been separated.

According to the draft law presented to the National Assembly, household solid waste must be classified into four categories: recyclable solid waste, food scraps, bulky waste and other household solid waste.

Aside from separating household solid waste as required, households and individuals have to partially pay for the collection, transportation and treatment of the solid waste based on weight, while the remaining fees will be taken care of by the State budget in line with the Government’s regulations.

Local residents who have completed the classification of recyclable solid waste will be exempt from waste collection, transportation and treatment fees.

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