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Ringleaders of Daklak terrorism case face death penalties

The Saigon Times

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HCMC – The individuals who led the terrorist attacks resulting in nine casualties in Daklak Province in June 2023 may potentially receive the death penalty for their dangerous actions.

The People’s Procuracy of the Central Highlands province recommended sentences for 100 defendants involved in the case, organizing illegal entry or exit, and concealing criminal activities that occurred in the province.

H Wuen Eban and Y Sol Nie, charged with terrorism aimed at subversion, are facing the death penalty for leading and inciting other defendants to assault the people’s committees of two communes, Ea Ktur and Ea Tieu, resulting in nine deaths and multiple injuries.

Eleven other defendants actively involved in the terrorism may be sentenced to life imprisonment.

For the remaining 40 defendants charged with the same offense, the People’s Procuracy recommended sentencing 10 of them to 18-20 years behind bars and 30 others to 7-15 years in prison.

Regarding the terrorism charges, 45 defendants may face 14-15 years behind bars, with six whose whereabouts remain unknown potentially receiving 10-11 years in prison.

In connection with the case, Le Van Nghia is recommended to receive a sentence of 24-30 months for supporting others in illegal entry or exit from the country. Y Cing Bya is suggested to face a sentence of 12-15 months for concealing criminal activities.

In the early hours of June 11, 2023, two armed groups launched attacks on the People’s Committee headquarters of Ea Ktur and Ea Tieu communes in Cu Kuin District. The assaults claimed nine lives, including the chairman of Ea Tieu, the Party secretary of Ea Ktur, four police officers, and three residents, while injuring many others.

The suspects carried out the attacks with the aim of overthrowing the local administration to establish what they referred to as the self-proclaimed Degar Central Highlands.

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