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RMIT embraces responsible integration of AI in higher education

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HCMC – Amid the ongoing debate over the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in higher education, RMIT University stands apart by committing to a thorough evaluation of AI’s potential educational benefits, rather than advocating for its ban.

In collaboration with Microsoft, RMIT has developed an in-house AI tool, Val. The university is actively engaging faculty members to lead various initiatives, experimenting with AI and exploring significant opportunities that arise from integrating this technology.

Recent initiatives introduced by RMIT experts in Australia and Vietnam showcase an approach to AI integration in education. These include the creation of AI-generated avatars for student role-playing, the design of assessment frameworks offering options for utilizing various AI tools, specific AI applications, or prohibiting AI usage. The university is also transitioning examination methods towards application-focused tasks, viewing AI as a collaborator and peer. Additionally, RMIT is leveraging AI-based data analysis to identify learners facing challenges, thereby triggering purposeful interventions.

Dr. Santiago Velasquez, assistant program manager of RMIT Vietnam’s MBA program, said that combining AI and gamification can significantly enhance engagement in educational settings. He utilizes AI to craft fictional and interactive personas for students to engage with and highlights the realism of interacting with AI, leading to heightened student engagement and improved outcomes.

Regarding educational assessments, Senior Learning Designer Kirsten Black underlines the importance of clear guidelines involving specific AI tools. Black suggested that the assessment design should be modified to distinguish between tasks suitable for AI applications and those best suited for human intervention. This approach ensures clarity and purpose in the integration of AI within the assessment process.

Phil Sambati, Digital Learning Manager at RMIT Vietnam’s School of English & University Pathways, highlights the potential of AI-enabled analytics in education. These analytics can play a crucial role in identifying students facing challenges and providing extra support.

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