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Saigon Times ESG Forum carbon report released

The Saigon Times

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HCMC – The Saigon Times, an English online newspaper published by the Saigon Times Group, has released a detailed report on the carbon emissions associated with its recent ESG Forum 2024, themed “From Ideas to Action.”

Assessed by ESGs & Climate Consulting, the report showed that the forum, which took place in HCMC on June 13, reduced and compensated its total emissions remaining 1426.08 kg CO2e, a 79% reduction from the baseline scenario.

Mobility and catering, the primary sources of emissions, were addressed through a broad range of strategies. A green menu including 75% vegetarian dishes and fresh food was offered, reducing the carbon footprint associated with meat production.

Procurement focused on sourcing goods and services from local vendors within a 10km radius, minimizing transportation emissions. Efforts were also made to limit POSM (point of sale materials) printing and collaborate with exhibitors to reduce waste.

Nguyen Cong Minh Bao, COO of ESGs Climate & Consulting, stated ESGs & Climate Consulting provides a certified carbon assessment and a comprehensive, detailed report outlining the calculation of each criterion. Its international digital platform tool leverages 14 years of data and over 8,000 reports from more than 300 organizations and ensures the accuracy and credibility of their assessments.

The innovative approach streamlines the carbon assessment process, making it accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes to start the journey towards net-zero emissions, Bao said. “Our snapshot operations assessment allows these simple steps and this sustainable event can be a practical example to make the changes.”

Residual emissions were offset through a partnership with Planetzero.earth, supporting a biochar compensation project in the north-central province of Quang Tri. This project utilizes local bamboo from FSC-certified sources to create biochar, capturing carbon, promoting the circular economy, and enhancing soil health.

“The project operates in an area where approximately 3,000 farmers from 60 sub-associations, including households, cooperatives, and community forest owners are living. By integrating the biochar production into the community, it creates new economic opportunities and boosts local income,” said Markus Klemmer, chairman of Planetzero.earth.

Pham Huu Chuong, deputy editor-in-chief of the Saigon Times Group, said, “Environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and robust governance are no longer optional add-ons but imperative pillars upon which businesses, communities, and societies must build their future.”

He emphasized the forum’s broader impact, stating, “Together, we have the power to shape a future where business success is not measured solely by financial profit but by its positive contribution to society and the planet.”

The Saigon Times received a Net-Zero Carbon Certificate by ESGs & Climate Consulting and Planetzero.earth for its efforts in reducing and offsetting the carbon footprint of the ESG Forum.

The event, held in collaboration with the EuroCham Green Growth Sector Committee (GGSC) and the ESG & Sustainable Business Transition Alliance, attracted around 200 business executives and experts to explore the integration of environmental, social, and governance principles into business strategies.

The forum included the ESG Series Masterclass, a series of in-depth workshops led by the ESG & Sustainable Business Transition Alliance and endorsed by various chambers of commerce. These workshops focused on ESG in buildings, finance transition and disclosure, and ESG reporting and ranking frameworks.

The ESG Forum’s carbon assessment report is available here.

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