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Samsung to open first five-star resort in Vietnam

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QUANG NAM – Shilla Monogram Quangnam Danang, the first resort of The Shilla Hotels & Resorts, a member of the Samsung Group, will begin operations in Vietnam on June 26 on the road linking Danang City and Hoi An City.

A representative at the five-star resort stressed that opening the resort during this time is an opportunity for Shilla Monogram Quangnam Danang because tourists currently prefer traveling in small groups and choosing peaceful destinations.

The resort has 309 rooms and four outdoor swimming pools to cater to the needs of various guests, from children to adults and the elderly.

“We want to combine the long history of The Shilla and the cultural identity of Central Vietnam. The amalgamation still respects cultural differences that are seen in terms of design, environment, services as well as entertainment programs,” said Marc Emmanuel, general manager of Shilla Monogram Quangnam Danang. “We look forward to playing ambassador to promote Vietnamese culture, especially the culture of Danang and Quang Nam among guests.”

With 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Emmanuel noted that the Covid-19 pandemic has significantly changed the habits and lifestyles of tourists. They want to relax and seek a balance in life after a time of fatigue, anxiety and disturbance due to the impact of the disease. They also demand higher-quality services, hygiene standards and safety.

“This is our opportunity,” he stressed, adding that the resort applies international standards with regard to hygiene at the hotel rooms, reception lounges, elevators, gyms and parks, among others. Moreover, door keys and other tools are always cleaned with disinfectants and the policies are in line with the guidelines of the World Health Organization, the Quang Nam Center for Disease Control and The Shilla.

TCG Land, a member of the Thanh Cong Group, is the strategic partner of The Shilla in Vietnam. At Shilla Monogram Quangnam Danang, TCG Land is the investor, while The Shilla plays the management role. After Quang Nam, The Shilla Hotels & Resorts will set up the five-star resort across cities in the United States, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Founded in March 1979, The Shilla Hotels & Resorts now owns luxurious hotels and resorts such as The Shilla Seoul and The Shilla Jeju and 12 luxury Shilla Stay hotels worldwide.

Shilla Monogram Quangnam Danang marks its debut entry into the market. Shilla Monogram is the luxury brand of The Shilla Hotels & Resorts, apart from The Shilla and the Shilla Stay brands.

By Nhan Tam

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