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Sand mining risks riverbank erosion in Dong Thap

The Saigon Times

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HCMC – The Department of Natural Resources and Environment in Dong Thap Province has advised against increasing sand mining capacity on the Tien River to prevent further riverbank erosion.

Contractors working on the Can Tho–Ca Mau expressway project have proposed boosting sand extraction from mines on the Tien River in Dong Thap Province. However, the department cited the slow sediment deposition rate and ongoing riverbank erosion as reasons to maintain current mining levels.

Five contractors submitted applications to increase extraction at five sand mines along the Tien River. In a recent meeting involving the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, and relevant stakeholders, it was decided against raising capacity at three sites in Tan My and Tan Khanh Trung communes, Lap Vo District.

The three mines are located close to each other, but existing studies only evaluate each site individually. The absence of a comprehensive hydraulic model that assesses the cumulative impact on river stability and bank erosion was a major concern.

Riverbanks in Tan My and Tan Khanh Trung have already experienced significant erosion, with notable incidents in 2017 and recent occurrences near Ong Islet, close to the sand mining areas.

The department indicated that two other sand mines in Phu Thuan B Commune and Thuong Thoi Tien Town, Hong Ngu District, may be eligible for increased extraction. This eligibility is contingent upon contractors updating their reports and incorporating comprehensive hydraulic modeling.

Provincial authorities have allocated seven sand mines to contractors under special provisions to support the Can Tho-Ca Mau expressway construction. These mines collectively hold an estimated 5.7 million cubic meters of sand, with six on the Tien River and one on the Hau River.

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