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Sao Mai’s Party Committee strengthens further

By Phuong Anh

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On January 6, a working team of the Party Committee of An Giang Province, led by Le Van Nung, deputy secretary of the provincial Party Committee and chairman of the provincial People’s Council, had a working session with the Party Committee of Sao Mai Group at the Dong Xuyen Hotel’s convention center in Long Xuyen City, An Giang Province. Joining the working team were Party leaders of the provincial State agency and business division and other agencies.

Le Van Nung, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee and chairman of the provincial People’s Council, highly speaks of Sao Mai Group’s production and business as well as its Party development

Le Thanh Thuan, secretary of the Party Committee and general director of Sao Mai Group, remarked at the working session that An Giang was one of a few provinces nationwide reporting an economic growth amid the Covid-19 pandemic. With great efforts, determination and creativity of provincial leaders, many practical anti-pandemic solutions have been employed to help enterprises stabilize their production and business activities and bring life back to the new normal state.

Le Thanh Thuan, secretary of the Party Committee and general director of Sao Mai Group, reports the group’s performance

Given such achievements, Sao Mai Group has come up with appropriate operation strategies to adapt to the reality. Before the pandemic, the group earned revenue of VND14-15 trillion per year and contributed trillions of Vietnam dong to the State budget. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has sent its revenue down.

Nevertheless, other indicators have been more positive than expected. For example, the income of the group’s laborers has been ensured, while the protection of their health has been prioritized.

With the stay-at-work mode, Sao Mai has effectively employed anti-pandemic measures and administered Covid-19 vaccines to its 12,000 laborers. As a result, production and business activities of the group’s subsidiaries and plants have not been disrupted.

Overcoming all the difficulties caused by Covid-19, Sao Mai Group ranked fourth among the 10 enterprises with the fastest growth in Vietnam, was listed as one of the 50 most efficient companies and was among the 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam last year. Clean energy projects accounted for 40% of the group’s revenue. Its Sao Mai solar power plant has been named among the 10 outstanding renewable energy projects in Vietnam in 2021.

The Sao Mai solar power plant raises hope for a better life for residents in Tinh Bien District, An Giang Province

In the real estate sector, the group has launched many projects, such as those to develop the Lam Son-Sao Vang urban area in Thanh Hoa Province, the Binh Long urban area in An Giang Province’s Chau Phu District and a new urban area in An Giang’s Tan Chau Town, and to expand the Sao Mai-Binh Khanh high-end urban area.

The secretary of Sao Mai’s Party Committee added that the group would increase laborers’ income after the pandemic and its contribution to the State budget, joining hands with the An Giang Party Committee to improve the social welfare quality and ensure the sustainable economic development.

Sao Mai’s Party Committee currently has eight Party cells. Despite being a non-State enterprise, Sao Mai has a high number of Party members, at 227. They are virtuous, have good manners and have been equipped with skills and assigned to hold managerial posts in the group’s director board and board of general directors and as heads and deputy heads of divisions.

In 2021, Sao Mai Group received many certificates of merit from the Ministry of Public Security, the An Giang government and the provincial Labor Federation. The group’s Party Committee was assessed to have excellently fulfilled its duties. Members of the group’s Party Committee and Le Thanh Thuan, secretary of the committee and general director of the group, were also commended and rewarded for having excellently fulfilled their duties.

Heaping praise on the achievements of Sao Mai’s Party Committee, Le Van Nung, deputy secretary of the An Giang Party Committee, said the group had excellently fulfilled plans and tasks assigned by the Party and made the Party Committee united, untarnished and strong. The group, which has been always proactive in responding to challenges, will inspire the society and deserves to be a leading one in the business community in An Giang and the whole region.

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