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SBA proposes allowing laborers to go home after work

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HCMC – After a while of adopting the stay-at-work mode, the Saigon Hi-tech Park Businesses Association (SBA) has proposed piloting a solution that allows laborers to travel to work and back home.

The proposal has been sent to the authority of the Saigon Hi-tech Park and the Hepza Business Association, the local media reported.

Ho Thi Thu Uyen, head of SBA, pointed out multiple shortcomings in the stay-at-work mode such as causing pressure on and raising costs for enterprises and leading to the lack of high-skilled workers.

Solutions should help reduce pressure on enterprises and facilitate laborers’ daily lives and help them feel comfortable.

Specifically, SBA proposed piloting the solution for 14 days, from August 16 to 30, at Intel Products Vietnam Co., Ltd and Datalogic Vietnam Co., Ltd.

The solution should be piloted on high-skilled laborers who hold important positions in production lines and have received one shot of the Covid-19 vaccine.

The two companies will make a list of eligible laborers and report the detailed plans to the authority of the Saigon Hi-tech Park before employing the solution. The pilot should not involve more than 300 workers. Enterprises should begin with small groups of 20-30 people but not exceed 100 people each.

The laborers must make commitments to travel only between their houses and factories and comply with anti-pandemic measures while staying at home. Those living with them must not leave their residences and must undergo Covid-19 tests once a week. Enterprises will pay for the testing costs.

In addition, the laborers joining the pilot scheme will install apps chosen by the authority of the Saigon Hi-tech Park so that their employers and the hi-tech park can control their travel.

Meanwhile, enterprises must commit to transporting laborers, conducting Covid-19 tests for them twice in the first five days and twice in the next week, arranging separate working spaces for them for the first two weeks and sending daily reports to the authority of the Saigon Hi-tech Park.

SBA also proposed maintaining the pilot even if Covid-19 cases are detected but the number of coronavirus-infected workers must be lower than 10% of the number of the laborers.

Uyen said since July 15, enterprises at the Saigon Hi-tech Park have applied the stay-at-work mode. However, the cost of the mode is high, affecting their budgets and operation plans.

Moreover, enterprises have faced multiple difficulties. For example, vehicles transporting workers and meals for them have been stopped at checkpoints, causing delays.

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