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SCG launches new initiatives to prevent cross-infection, supporting Vietnam’s in the COVID-19 battle

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While accompanying Vietnam in the fight against COVID-19, SCG has implemented many practical initiatives such as SCGP Paper Field Hospital Beds, Mobile Positive Pressure Chambers, etc. to support the frontline workers during the pandemic. Recently, SCG continues to bring a new initiative – Hygiene Modular Bathroom with Touchless and High-ventilation technology, which aims at minimizing cross-infection in field hospitals.

Taking advantage of the innovative spirit – Join hands to tackle COVID-19

Hospital staff play a critical role in the COVID-19 pandemic control and response. They are, however, also at a higher risk of infections and can be a source of viral transmission in the community. The potential for exposure to SARS-CoV-2 is not limited to direct patient care interactions. Transmission can also occur through unprotected exposures such as sanitary areas in field hospitals. In addition to ensuring proper infection protection for hospital staff, it is important to have a comprehensive approach and equip hospitals with protective facilities. This might further strengthen the national effort to control the pandemic.

Understanding that and utilising the innovative spirit of the business, SCG – one Thai leading conglomerate – has come up with many initiatives to protect healthcare workers in Vietnam. One of the most outstanding solutions is The Hygiene Modular Bathroom, which was researched and developed by SCG Cement – Building Materials Team.

These bathrooms are designed based on two main principles: Touchless and High Ventilation. Accordingly, the chamber will minimize the user contact with shared sanitary equipment such as hand washing faucets, sanitizer dispensers, etc, through the touchless mechanism. In addition, the bathroom is also equipped with a high-capacity ventilation system (including high-performance propellers and air outlets) with great air exchange capacity. This prevents the internal bathroom areas from storing contaminated air and maintains fresh and natural air quality from the outside.

“As a responsible corporate citizen with strong commitments to support the localities where it operates, SCG has made continuous efforts to join hands with Ho Chi Minh City authorities and the communities across Vietnam during this tough pandemic battle. We are proud that we can apply our experience and knowledge in designing many practical protective products like Hygiene Modular Bathrooms. This initiative can be used in the medical facility system as an effective solution for minimizing the cross-infection and preventing the outbreak,” Mr. Piyapong Jriyasetapong, General Director of SCG Vietnam Co., Ltd said.

And further effort to overcome the pandemic challenges

After successfully designing and producing Hygiene Modular Bathrooms, SCG quickly handed over four of them to the District 8 field hospital – one of the pandemic hotspots in HCMC. Besides this, specialized medical equipment for the treatment process such as Portable ultrasound machines, X-ray handheld machines, 5 Parameter Patient Monitor, Electric Syringe Pump, Infuser Machine, and 100 SCGP Paper Field Hospital Beds – an innovation from the packaging industry of SCG, are also donated by the corporation. In the context the demands for medical supplies, equipment and facilities to serve essential needs are escalating, these contributions not only alleviate the burden for the frontline workforce, but also make the patient’s treatment process more safe and well-timed.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phong, Director of the COVID-19 Treatment Field Hospital in District 8, shared: “In the current pandemic situation, the support from SCG is extremely efficient, practical, and meaningful. The donation not only assists necessary needs of patients and protects medical staff, but also empowers them spiritually.”

In addition to COVID-19 Treatment Field Hospital in District 8 in Ho Chi Minh City, SCG also distributed seven Hygiene Modular Bathrooms to Children’s House in Thu Duc City (which were transformed to be the gathering house for medical staff and volunteers who are serving Covid-19 carriers). Another 15 bathrooms are under installment for timely delivery to other Field Hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City. Besides, 500 steel beds were transported to Binh Minh Field Hospital (located in Thu Duc City), while other medical supplies, accessories for PCR test were delivered to COVID-19 Treatment Hospital in Go Vap District, Ventilator for Field Hospital District 7. In addition, 300 umbrellas have been also donated to outdoor authority units, and 250 SCGP Paper Fields Hospital Beds delivered to field hospitals of some districts in Binh Chanh, Binh Tan, Nha Be,  assisting them in the fight against the pandemic, etc. The total contribution for the city’s pandemic combat from SCG has amounted to over VND5 billion.

With the objective to empower the frontline teams during this fierce combat against the pandemic, SCG has constantly made improvements in facilities and specialized medical equipment at field hospitals. These initiatives have created a safe environment, assisting the healthcare workers to feel secure, hence, focusing more on the treatment process. Besides, they also made a great contribution to the caring and speeding up the patient’s recovery.

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