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Sedge harvesting in Phu Yen

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Sedge is a grass-like plant growing near water. They are easily found in the area of O Loan Lagoon in Phu Yen’s Tuy An District. Being harvested twice a year to make mats, sedge is dried under the sun, then clustered and dyed before being woven into sedge mats. Sedge mat making is a traditional craft in Phu Yen.
… they then bunch the sedge up
As sedge fields are crisscrossed by canals, bunches of sedge are carried through waterways and loaded onto trucks which transport them to sedge mat making households
A truck is full of bunches of sedge
The plant is cut and sun-dried…
… and is dyed different colors
A sedge mat making unit
An artisan at the last stage of making a sedge mat

By Vu Huyen

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