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Small acts of giving can bring happiness

The Saigon Times

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Besides being a dedicated full-time housewife, Suhaila Kasim has discovered a unique way to combine her creative skills and desire to make a positive contribution to society. She donates all the proceeds from selling her products to support those in need through charitable organizations. In an interview with The Saigon Times, Kasim shares her passions and journey of giving back, spreading love to the community. Excerpts: The Saigon Times: When you first arrived here, did you notice anything different or interesting compared to Malaysia?Suhaila Kasim: We moved here in 2014 because my husband was working here. I found that Vietnam is quite similar to Malaysia, culturally and economically. The weather is the same. The food and lifestyle are nearly identical to Malaysia, except for the language, which is a bit different for us. The cost of living in Vietnam is much higher than in Malaysia. I have seen significant changes since 2014. Initially, it was still cheaper than Malaysia, but over the years, Vietnam has become much more expensive than Kuala Lumpur. Were there any challenges when you came here to live? The biggest challenge for me when I first arrived here was the language barrier. It was very difficult […]
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