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Solid corporate culture is the bedrock

The Saigon Times

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During a talk with The Saigon Times, economic expert Tran Si Chuong (*) emphasized the pivotal role of corporate culture in shaping the image of Vietnamese businesses in the global arena, influencing the national brand, and ultimately impacting labor productivity. Chuong underlines the need to establish a corporate culture aligned with global standards as there is not a distinct Vietnamese corporate culture. The rule for corporate culture The Saigon Times: Let’s delve into the concept of culture and corporate culture. Tran Si Chuong: Culture can be categorized into two main types: public culture and private culture. Public culture represents the shared way of life that individuals within an organization or activity are expected to adhere to collectively. Private culture, on the other hand, is influenced by the specific characteristics of a particular group or locality and is relevant only to that specific group or place. In today’s era of global integration, it is imperative that our interactions and business practices align with public culture. This principle holds true universally. Within a professional environment, regardless of whether one is American, Indian, or Vietnamese, there are common expectations. These expectations include punctuality in the workplace and the ability to deliver clear and […]
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