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Solving car parking problems

By Bo Gia An

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In urban areas, the need for housing often goes hand in hand with the necessity for car parking spaces. The allocation of parking spaces within condominiums has become a complex issue, frequently giving rise to disputes. This article delves into the realm of the “basement dispute” and examines whether the recently approved amendments to the Housing Law by the National Assembly can offer a solution. In today’s world, many affluent families opt for high-rise apartments over landed homes. Most of these families also own cars, which are essential for various aspects of their lives, from daily commutes to family activities. They require not only a well-appointed apartment but also a dedicated parking space within their condominiums. However, acquiring a parking space is not a straightforward matter. Parking spaces within condominiums serve as essential amenities for apartment dwellers, but they are also a lucrative source of revenue for condo developers. Disputes over car parking spaces between developers and residents have become increasingly common. These disputes encompass issues related to parking space ownership, location, lease or purchase costs, and lease durations. What are the shortcomings in the current legal framework that have given rise to such disputes? Some shortcomings in the current […]
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