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Sunlight’s program “Women Do Business” to apply digital methods

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Economic development and social progress through gender equality are two important factors that help promote the country’s sustainable development. The “Women Do Business” program, an initiative from Sunlight (Unilever Vietnam), has been supporting women in doing business through digital methods.

Towards the goal of empowering women to confidently do business for financial independence and sustainable livelihoods, Sunlight and Unilever Vietnam continue to cooperate with the Vietnam Women’s Union to implement the “Women Do Business” program.

In the next five years, the program aims to equip one million women with business knowledge and skills, as well as start-up capital, helping them improve their incomes and quality of life, while reducing the gender gap in Vietnam.

Sunlight will cooperate with many new partners to improve the training model, helping women access more practical and diverse sources of knowledge. In addition to local training courses for rural women, Sunlight also cooperates with the Vietnam Women’s Academy to conduct online training courses and provide certificates to thousands of qualified students.

By collaborating with Meta, Sunlight will provide the online training experience through the chatbot feature on the Messenger application with a personalized, one-on-one training program, helping millions of women to improve their skills in a convenient and proactive way.

“Our biggest challenge is to build a practical platform, suitable for all participants. The program ‘Women Do Business’ always strives to help women who really need support to learn, explore and start doing business, towards the goal of financial autonomy and stability and happiness in life. Typically, we support women in various aspects from building and managing small business models, such as grocery stores and food stalls, to expanding and maintaining their businesses. Therefore, the cooperation with the Women’s Union, the Vietnam Women’s Academy and Meta – Facebook not only helps to build practical training programs but also increases accessibility for women in both rural and urban areas thanks to digital platforms,” said Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Tam – Unilever Vietnam Home Care Line Manager, Sunlight brand representative.

Initiated in 2020, the “Women Do Business” program has trained more than 100,000 women through online and offline classes and sponsored 125 business projects. Up to 88% of more than 13,200 students surveyed said they feel more confident after attending the training course and 99% would apply the lessons to their business and would recommend the course to others.

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