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Supporting businesses amid woes

By Dau Anh Tuan (*)

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Under the current economic conditions, the Government should prioritize taking measures to push up the resilience of businesses. Businesses often encounter unique challenges, each with its own narrative. I recall a poignant story from a business meeting in the south-central region a few years ago. An entrepreneur shared her decade-long odyssey of shuttling between her hometown and Hanoi in pursuit of project approval. When she finally obtained a coveted investment certificate, she was exhausted and could barely afford a bowl of instant noodles at the airport. Late at night, upon her return home, she reverently placed the long-awaited document on the altar of Guan Yu, a Chinese deity, and for the next three days, she diligently burned incense as a ritual to dispel potential misfortune. This story underscores the formidable challenges businesses might face when navigating through bureaucratic red tape. Running a business in today’s landscape is undeniably challenging, as companies often struggle with a labyrinth of red tape and fierce market competition simultaneously. In times of economic adversity, it becomes paramount for the Government to prioritize support programs that assist businesses in weathering the storm. The implementation of policies that reduce, defer, or eliminate taxes and fees can effectively […]
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