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Morocco initiates anti-dumping investigation into tire imports from Vietnam

HCMC - Morocco initiated an anti-dumping investigation into tires and inner tubes for bicycles and motorbikes that originate in or are imported from Vietnam. Tires...

Vietnam imposes anti-dumping tariffs on welding materials from three nations

HCMC - The Ministry of Industry and Trade has decided to impose anti-dumping tariffs of 11.43% to 36.56% on several welding materials originating in...

Vietnam removes anti-dumping duties on steel imports from China, S.Korea

HCMC – The Ministry of Industry and Trade has decided to remove anti-dumping duties on coated steel imports from South Korea and China after...

U.S. imposes anti-dumping tariffs on a number of Vietnamese basa fish exporters

HCMC - The United States Department of Commerce (DOC) announced the preliminary results of the 17th period of review (POR17) for the period from...

Trade remedies imposed on Vietnamese goods surge

HCMC – Vietnam was among four countries worldwide subject to the largest number of trade remedies from January to September 2020, according to the...

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