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artificial intelligence

Balancing promise and peril

To harness GenAI’s power, early adopters should proceed with a mix of enthusiasm and caution and ensure that hope outweighs unforeseen harm. Generative artificial intelligence, or GenAI, represents a technological leap with vast implications. Its ability to generate text, translate languages, create content, and provide insights holds the promise of transformative revolutions in both business and creativity. However, like any powerful tool, GenAI demands cautious implementation and ethical considerations, given the risks of deepfakes, algorithmic bias and job displacement. The GenAI conference, organized in HCMC last week by CIO Vietnam, underscored the imperative of balancing enthusiasm with wisdom. The key takeaway is clear. To ensure GenAI drives positive change, early adopters should establish proactive frameworks that guide ethical development and responsible governance of the technology. Business transformation and innovation The conference, themed “Generative AI – Riding the Wave,” was abuzz with excitement over the technology’s potential to revolutionize business operations. Hundreds of participants envisioned a wave of efficiency and innovation propelled by GenAI’s diverse capabilities. Experts attributed the current boom in the AI industry directly to the expanding capabilities of GenAI applications, making them accessible to ordinary back-end users. GenAI leverages a unique combination of cutting-edge AI technologies, including powerful […]
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FPT’s growth plan prioritizes AI, automotive

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Vietnam, Australia strengthen cooperation for Industry 4.0

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Australia committed to providing Vietnam with 3.7 million more Covid vaccine doses

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Smart investors eye HCMC’s “smart” initiatives

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