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Cheap deposits return

After a period of decline, non-term deposits, technically known as current account savings accounts (CASA), are showing signs of strong recovery at many banks, enabling them to reduce interest rates for mobilized capital. What are the supporting factors behind this trend? CASA recovery Vietcombank’s CASA in 2023 increased by over VND69 trillion, equivalent to a 16% increase, reaching nearly VND491 trillion, which helped Vietcombank maintain its position as the bank with the largest CASA balance in the system. The CASA ratio to the total customer deposit balance of this bank also increased by 1.3 percentage points, from 33.9% at the end of 2022 to 35.2% at the end of 2023. VietinBank also witnessed a strong increase in CASA, with the balance increasing by an additional VND68 trillion, equivalent to a 27% increase, to over VND318 trillion, helping the CASA ratio to the total customer deposit balance increase from 20% at the end of 2022 to 22.5% at the end of 2023. Similarly, BIDV also recorded an increase in CASA of nearly VND66 trillion, equivalent to a 24% increase, to over VND344 trillion, raising the CASA ratio by 1.3 points to 20.2%. The fourth-quarter financial report of MBBank showed that the […]
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