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core value

A purpose-driven generation

Many employees are no longer content with simply earning a regular paycheck. What they seek now is a career that resonates with their core values, fuels personal growth, and empowers them to contribute to a better world. This trend is particularly evident in Vietnam and other countries in Southeast Asia, where the concept of “purposeful work” is gaining traction. This shift is highlighted in the 2024 Vietnam Survey Report by Jobs_that_makesense Asia and Manpower. What is meaningful work? The report, surveying over 2,000 Southeast Asian participants (including 274 Vietnamese), shows that employees are increasingly driven by a desire to contribute positively to society, address environmental concerns, and find personal fulfillment in their careers. Data indicates that 99% of Vietnamese respondents value finding meaning in their work, a sentiment mirrored across the region, with 98% emphasizing its importance. According to a recent Harvard Business Review article, meaningful work extends beyond personal satisfaction to include a positive impact on others and the broader community. Achieving meaningful work requires self-awareness, understanding both career and life motivations, and approaching work with a mindset focused on growth and contribution. In the eyes of employees, the pillars of this transformation, which are shifting away from purely […]
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CSR at root of Mirae Asset’s core values and business strategies

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