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fashion industry

For a greener fashion industry

Amidst growing environmental concerns and a call for ethical practices in the fashion industry, people are seeking insights at the intersection of design, technology, and sustainability. In an exclusive interview with The Saigon Times, Prof. Julia Gaimster, Dean of the School of Communication and Design, RMIT Vietnam, shared her views on the fashion industry’s sustainability drive. The Saigon Times: You have worked in the fashion industry and education in London, Hong Kong, and now Vietnam. Can you compare the unique strengths and challenges of each region’s fashion industry?Prof. Julia Gaimster: The challenges faced by the fashion industry appear to be universal, regardless of the region. These challenges include keeping pace with technological advancements, navigating oversaturated markets, and prioritizing sustainability. London benefits from having a well-established fashion industry, supported by an organized Fashion Council and government backing for fashion businesses. In Hong Kong, events like the Business of Design Week and Fashion Week promote local designers, but the small domestic market necessitates international expansion for sustainability. Vietnam primarily caters to other countries and international brands, although efforts to develop its own brands are in progress. While there is still a journey ahead to match industry standards in the U.S. and Europe, […]
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Shaping the future of fashion industry

Vietnam's textile and garment processing industry once enjoyed a competitive edge due to its affordable labor force. However, recent years have witnessed a shift,...

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