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Shaping the future of fashion industry

By Ho Nguyen Thao

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Vietnam’s textile and garment processing industry once enjoyed a competitive edge due to its affordable labor force. However, recent years have witnessed a shift, with wages for Vietnamese workers nearly doubling those in countries like Cambodia and Bangladesh. A rising tide of youthful entrepreneurs and fashion brands is embarking on a mission to elevate the added value of Vietnamese textile and fashion products. They are actively engaging in the global fashion market, striving to captivate customers through innovative approaches, cutting-edge technology, and sustainable fashion offerings. Competing with neighboring nations Just 80 kilometers from HCMC, Svay Rieng in Cambodia plays host to numerous textile and garment suppliers. Vietnamese buyers and owners of manufacturing plants from countries and territories like Taiwan, South Korea, and China find products there at more competitive prices than in Tay Ninh, Long An, HCMC, and the surrounding regions. “Vietnamese businesses have grown accustomed to handling large orders and are less inclined to consider smaller ones, such as those below 5,000 items. In contrast, their competitors in other countries are more willing to take on such orders. Consequently, a substantial number of Taiwanese and South Korean shop owners have turned to Cambodian businesses for new orders. Furthermore, their […]
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