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Forex speculation concern

Interest rates for Vietnam dong currency have steadily inched down recently but dollar interest rates on the interbank market have remained high, fueling concern over forex speculation A widening interest rate differential This month, numerous banks have continued cutting deposit interest rates. Bac A Bank, for example, has trimmed deposit rates for tenors longer than six months by 0.15 to 0.2 percentage point. Deposits of one to five months and those longer than 13 months at VPBank have got their interest rates cut by 0.2 point while the rates for […]
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A flexible forex policy

The dollar-dong exchange rate has regained stability after the U.S. Federal Reserve slowed its interest rate hikes. This has allowed the State Bank of...

Reaching out to foreign lenders

While access to capital remains a headache for local enterprises as they struggle to take out bank loans or get funding from the securities...

A new move for open market operations

The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has recently made a new move regarding open market operations (OMO). Valuable papers are purchased at a competitive...

A tall order

The Vietnamese dong currency remains remarkably stable while other currencies are sliding against the U.S. dollar. This situation makes foreign exchange rate management increasingly...

Airfares for international flights surge

 Airfares for flights to tourist destinations in Asian, European and American countries have soared by 20%-35% against the pre-pandemic levels.

Will forex market come under greater pressure?

If the strong rally of the U.S. dollar continues in global markets, it will inevitably pose multiple challenges for the foreign exchange market at...

Leeway for economic recovery, development

Government agencies are discussing how to launch a sufficiently large stimulus package to help the economy recover and develop after Covid-19. In the current...

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