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Manpower for semiconductor industry

Is our approach to building a workforce for the semiconductor industry workable? According to European Union data in 2021, the output of integrated circuits (ICs or chips) reached 1,100 billion, averaging out at 140 chips per capita worldwide. In 2023, chip sales revenue reached US$660 billion and is expected to increase further. The diversification of semiconductor production away from China due to geo-political tensions, the boom of artificial intelligence (AI) that bolsters the demand for GPU processors, along with semiconductor manufacturing becoming more security-inclined, prompt all countries to recognize the urgent need to have a footprint on the global chip production map. Vietnam is also capitalizing on this wave, which is believed to be a correct approach because it is a rare opportunity for this supply chain to undergo such a strong restructuring since the 1980s. Vietnam has developed its National Semiconductor Industry Strategy and will begin implementation this year. This strategy, drafted by the Ministry of Information and Communications in 2023, aims to have 50,000 design engineers, and hundreds of thousands of engineers and technical workers in related fields, positioning Vietnam by 2030 as a semiconductor industry hub strong in design, packaging and testing. Human resources are both a […]
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Contribution to Vietnam’s logistics manpower development

HCMC - Vietnam boasts a sizeable logistics market and a strong potential for the industry’s development, but inadequate manpower is seen as a major...

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