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Contribution to Vietnam’s logistics manpower development

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HCMC – Vietnam boasts a sizeable logistics market and a strong potential for the industry’s development, but inadequate manpower is seen as a major hindrance. Aware of the country’s underdeveloped logistics human resources in the context of the rapidly developing logistics industry, Nhat Viet Logistics Corporation has partnered with a local university to help, though at a modest extent, develop the country’s logistics human resources.

It is estimated that the local logistics market is worth up to US$22 billion and is growing by 20-25% a year. However, many experts said that at present, the country’s human resources can only meet 40% of logistics companies’ demand for logistics workers and managers. Besides the insufficient quantity, Vietnam’s logistics workforce cannot meet the international standards and the businesses’ requirements.

The demand for human resources in the logistics sector in Vietnam has increased drastically in recent years and many businesses are facing a serious shortage of skilled workers. Given this critical situation, Nhat Viet Logistics has sought to help with the development of Vietnam’s logistics human resources, which the company’s leadership says is part of its corporate social responsibility.

In June 2020, Nhat Viet Logistics joined hands with Tra Vinh University to implement the Logistics Co-operative Education Program to educate students in the logistics sector.

Nhat Viet Logistics’ experience in the logistics industry in over 13 years has been incorporated into the university’s Logistics Services Management curriculum.

The company has provided the university with information of the logistics recruitment demand and worked with the university to develop training programs based on practical knowledge.

Besides this, Nhat Viet Logistics also pledges to grant scholarships to students during the program and organize competitions to promote the students’ creativity.

Moreover, Nhat Viet Logistics will provide the students with the opportunities to intern at the company. About 50 students of Tra Vinh University will come to Nhat Viet Logistics for internship next year and outstanding students would be offered job opportunities at the company after graduation.

Speaking about the collaboration between Nhat Viet Logistics and Tra Vinh University, Le Thanh Vinh, general director of Nhat Viet Logistics, says the company aims to nurture the next generation of logistics workforce.

“With years of experience in the logistics industry, we believe that Nhat Viet Logistics will be able to contribute to the sustainable development of the logistics industry by supporting logistics training programs. The company brings practical knowledge about logistics services to the next generation and inspires them to contribute more to the domestic logistics industry. Through this, the company contributes to the country’s socioeconomic development,” he confides.

According to Vinh, when the students have the chance to intern at enterprises and directly give solutions to the enterprises’ logistics issues, they will be able to practically apply and master the knowledge they learn at school.

Besides direct social contribution activities, Nhat Viet Logistics has also encouraged the employees to join community-based programs.

The company has accompanied the 2030 Businesspeople Club and called on its employees to join the club’s charitable programs.

Nhat Viet Logistics has been the silver sponsor of the 2030 Businesspeople Club’s Caravan and Legendary Route programs. At the 15th Caravan program, Nhat Viet Logistics was recognized by the organizer as the “Leading enterprise in the logistics sector.”

Despite many difficulties that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused this year, Nhat Viet Logistics and the 2030 Businesspeople Club still tried their best to accomplish the 2030 Library project in Cat Hiep Commune, Phu Cat District, Binh Dinh Province to help disadvantaged children in remote areas have access to good books.

The company has also taken part in the Connecting Love Caravan program organized by the Saigon Businesspeople Club to build houses for and donate bicycles and gifts to poor people in Dak Po and K’Bang districts in Gia Lai Province.

“Develop together with the community” is the message that Nhat Viet Logistics wants to spread through these programs. “Although these are only little activities, Nhat Viet Logistics always wants to contribute the most meaningful value to the community,” Vinh says.

By My Huyen

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