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plastic waste

Beyond recycling

The urgency of environmental concerns is highlighting a crucial fact: recycling and reusing plastic waste, particularly single-use plastics, is not a viable solution. Plastic waste poses a grave threat to our planet, humanity, and nations alike. Daily reliance on plastics, from nylon bags to disposable drinking straws, cups, and bottles, has led to a pervasive waste problem. We encounter discarded plastics everywhere—beaches, canals, wet markets, boat ports, and bus terminals. Annually, a staggering 200 million tons of plastic waste—equivalent to 523,000 billion plastic drinking straws—enter the environment. This alarming statistic […]
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Waste from fishing industry sparks concern

HCMC - The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has reported a large volume of waste from the fishing industry, of which fishing vessels...

WWF partners with LIN Center to address environmental issues in Vietnam

HCMC – The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Vietnam is collaborating with the LIN Center for Community Development to address environmental issues and foster sustainable...

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