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True investors or not?

In September 2023, there were 172,605 newly opened individual securities trading accounts, according to data from the Vietnam Securities Depository (VSD), bringing the total number to nearly eight million. However, how many of them were actually active was unknown. Investors and speculators Individuals participating in the stock market can be categorized into two main groups: investors and speculators. Interestingly, those who openly identify as speculators are seldom investors, while those who claim to be investors are often engaging in speculation. Differentiating between the two can be based on several criteria, including time frame, analysis method, risk level, and implementation approach. Investment typically involves a long-term perspective, often spanning years or even decades. This extended horizon allows for the power of compound interest in finance to work its magic. Therefore, individuals who buy and sell stocks over shorter periods, such as days, weeks, or months, are generally considered speculators. Speculators tend to rely more on technical analysis than fundamental analysis. They closely track price movements and trading volumes, seeking patterns and signals to make their moves. In contrast, investors focus on understanding a business’s background, its profitability, and its future growth potential. When it comes to risk, speculation carries a higher […]
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VIX set to acquire 15 million GEX shares

HCMC – VIX Securities JSC has registered to buy 15 million shares of Gelex Group JSC, which trades its GEX shares on the Hochiminh...

Finance Ministry to inspect securities, auditing firms

HCMC – The Ministry of Finance said on May 16 that it would launch inspections of securities and auditing companies, focusing on those whose...

Making the financial market healthy

Central authorities have sent out a strong message that the securities and corporate bond markets will be made healthy and transparent. Their move came...

PM orders prevention of malpractices in securities, real estate

HCMC - Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh has called for stronger efforts to fight against corruption and malpractices in the bond, securities and real...

HoSE cancels transaction of nearly 75 million FLC shares

HCMC - The Hochiminh Stock Exchange (HoSE) canceled conglomerate FLC Chairman Trinh Van Quyet’s sale of 74.8 million FLC shares on January 10 due...

Individual depositors withdraw trillions of dong from banks

HCMC - Individuals have withdrawn trillions of dong of saving deposits from commercial banks, while deposits by corporate clients have increased, according to data...

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