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staying fit

Benefits of walking for older people

It is good for old people’s health should they walk regularly. According to Suc khoe & Doi song news site, walking at the pace of 100 steps per minute, or about 4.8 kilometers per hour, is considered to be fairly fast. Walking is a low-impact exercise and a good way for everybody, especially old people, to maintain their health. Walking at this pace also helps practitioners sweat and increase their heart rates. At the age of 40 and above, health and many parts of the body tend to grow weak, […]
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The winner of a CrossFit competition

The triumph of a slender athlete at Thailand Throwdown. Attending Thailand Throwdown 2023, Thailand’s oldest CrossFit competition, early this year, Pham Thanh Tuyen, a.k.a. Chelsea...

Enhancing the immune system

Some simple ways for strengthening the immune system. The immune system protects humans from the harmful impacts of the environment and the attack of viruses,...

Vegetables, salt and health

Most people tend to consume more salt but less vegetables and fruits. Data from the World Health Organization STEPwise approach to noncommunicable disease risk factor...

Sports economics and potentials

Given the huge number of weekly and monthly running events, and the presence of professional organizers, running competitions are now in vogue. Not only...

Aqua pilates takes the world by storm

This new form of exercise in the water has recently been available in HCMC, which takes quite a few workout lovers by surprise. Pilates, a...

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