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AI, social media, and deepfake

Deepfake is one of 13 words singled out for Word of the Year 2023 by the Merriam-Webster dictionary. According to the dictionary, deepfake is “an image or recording that has been convincingly altered and manipulated to misrepresent someone as doing or saying something that was not actually done or said.” Deepfake: Indian billionaire introduces investment platform, and soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo speaks Vietnamese when selling T-shirts. A deepfake which has gone viral on Facebook among financial investors over the past month is a video showing billionaire Narayana Murthy, co-founder of Infosys, promoting “Quantum AI” as an investment platform that helps generate profits on the stock market. In this video, Murthy is seen saying he and billionaire Elon Musk are jointly developing a project called Quantum AI that is expected to generate huge returns from the stock market. In fact, this is a deepfake stemming from an earlier video about Murthy speaking in July on an economic issue without any reference to artificial intelligence, or AI. Deepfakes can appear in your backyard in Vietnam as well. Recently, a video on social media showing Cristiano Ronaldo promoting blazers, a type of sport jacket, boasting high fluency in Vietnamese. This video is said […]
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