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Vietnam’s economy

Three major challenges to Vietnam’s economy in 2023

The slowdown or possibly recession of the global economy; risks and uncertainties in the financial system that may culminate in a crisis; and foot-dragging...

Some forecasts of Vietnam’s economy in 2022

Vietnam’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth this year may be over 6.5% if high global inflation can be harnessed, the roadmap of the U.S....

Clash of values in a pandemic

HCMC has entered a new phase in the battle against Covid-19, when social distancing measures are tightened. In reality, the fight against Covid-19 in HCMC...

Vietnam’s economy in the 2020s: Key strategies

As the Covid-19 pandemic may persist or recur, Vietnam’s economy will grow less rapidly. However, it still has much room for productivity growth and...

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