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The winner of a CrossFit competition

The triumph of a slender athlete at Thailand Throwdown. Attending Thailand Throwdown 2023, Thailand’s oldest CrossFit competition, early this year, Pham Thanh Tuyen, a.k.a. Chelsea Pham, 26, won the Women Novice prize for beginners to the surprise of her opponents because of her slim build. A lover of physical activities, Pham says she used to work out at a gym for a long time to improve her slender body when she was a schoolgirl. Aware of CrossFit in 2019, she began to practice this type of fitness in end-2021. CrossFit is a kind of fitness that incorporates many other sports like weightlifting, gymnastics, running, skiing, cycling, rowing, and so on. Practitioners can also combine such daily movements as holding and carrying heavy objects to improve their health. Pham has thus become a CrossFit athlete and will work as a trainer in the near future. A few months after practicing CrossFit, Pham competed at some weightlifting and CrossFit contests held in the country and won some prizes. Seeing her aptitude, her trainer set targets for her to compete at overseas contests. Thanks to her long time of physical workout, Pham got used to CrossFit lessons easily. As this fitness requires endurance […]
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