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Crossroads of green growth

HCMC has made a commitment to follow a long-term roadmap for sustainable growth. However, successfully navigating the complex challenges of urban issues and the impacts of climate change requires a meticulously crafted strategy. HCMC currently finds itself at a critical juncture in its development, with skyscrapers piercing the smog-filled skyline and rivers choked with plastic waste. The rapid urbanization of Vietnam’s largest city has raised concerns about environmental pollution and resource depletion. How can this city sustain its rapid growth while simultaneously pursuing a more sustainable trajectory? While the concept of green growth holds promise, its success depends on achieving a delicate balance between environmental well-being and economic prosperity. Undoubtedly, finding a comprehensive solution to this multifaceted challenge is no easy task. Peril in the path of growth progress During an investment conference held in District 1 of HCMC last week, Phan Van Mai, chairman of the HCMC People’s Committee, highlighted the city’s commitment to embracing green growth as its future development strategy, aligning with global trends. HCMC has set an ambitious goal to reduce emissions by 10% by 2030 as part of its Action Plan to address climate change for the next decade. This effort aims to create a […]
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