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Tale of A Tourism Symbol of Danang

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Since its establishment in 1997, Furama – Ariyana Danang International Tourism Complex has become a symbol of tourism prosperity, constantly and consistently supporting the beautiful destination of Danang City.

Nestled in one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the Culinary Heritage Furama Resort Danang was built in 1995 and officially opened in 1997, becoming the first five-star beach resort and helping bring Vietnam to the world’s luxury beach resort tourism map.

From the first five-star int’l resort

Furama is a wonderful blend of luxurious Western architectural amenities and the serene beauty of the traditional Champa cultural philosophy. The unique beauty of the resort was created by international architecture practitioner Denton Corker & Marshall (Australia) who worked diligently with cultural experts in the central region and local architects who deeply understand the local culture.

Furama is not just an ideal destination for tourists but also a chosen venue for international events. In 2006, when Vietnam hosted APEC for the first time, Furama had the honour of constructing the Furama International Convention Palace to welcome delegates and leaders of APEC economies during the APEC Ministerial Meeting 2006. Subsequently, in “APEC Vietnam 2017,” Furama once again shouldered the mission of managing the Ariyana Convention Centre Danang to host and welcome 21 leaders of the world’s economies, over 10,000 international delegates, and more than 3,000 journalists, drawing global attention.

These events are not only opportunities for the world to assess Vietnam’s integration and development but also crucial turning points as Danang transformed from a coastal city into a prestigious destination on the world events map. Thus, Furama’s journey is not just a development in the tourism and event destination aspect, but also a journey through time and history, serving as a living witness to Danang’s development. Furama has proven its importance not only in the tourism industry but also in shaping the image and reputation of Danang on the international stage.

Furama – Ariyana Danang International Tourism Complex

To the premium hospitality complex

Furama Resort Danang is renowned not only for its harmonious pure nature but also as a culinary heritage “museum” with historical and cultural stories in its dishes, themed parties, and events. Among them are the Vietnamese Copper Tray, The “Seafood Village Market” Buffet Dinner with the performance of Champa dance, the Christmas & New Year’s celebration with activities such as lighting the Christmas tree, the Tet Village Market welcoming the Lunar New Year.  With a steadfast commitment to incorporating culture and history into banquet events, the complex offers a memorable experience for both local and international visitors.

Besides the authentic cultural beauty, Furama Resort Danang is also famous for dedicatedly presenting the culinary flavors of Asia, Italy and Europe, along with premium imported beef dishes. Especially noteworthy are the culinary exchange programs featuring the talents of Furama’s skilled chefs alongside Michelin-starred chefs from around the world, hailing from France, South Korea, India and more. These programs provide first-class culinary experiences and contribute to promoting local cuisine between countries, receiving significant support and attention from the local community and media in those countries.

Apart from cusine, what helps create the premium hospitality complex is the establishment of the Furama Resort & Villas Danang, Ariyana Convention Centre Danang and the anticipated Ariyana Beach Resort & Suites Danang with 1,400 rooms that have formed the Furama – Ariyana Danang International Tourism Complex, spanning 32 hectares – the largest Resort, Conference, and Exhibition Complex in Vietnam.

The harmonious collaboration between Furama Resort & Villas Danang and the Ariyana Convention Centre Danang goes beyond financial gains, as it brings about a remarkable transformation in Danang, making it a versatile destination that caters to a diverse range of visitors and elevates the city’s tourism offerings. Particularly, as event tourism is often considered a stable promotional strategy, creating a destination for sustainable development, the Furama – Ariyana Danang Tourism Complex emerges as a vital component in the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) ecosystem in Danang, fueling the demand for MICE tourism and positioning the city as a preferred choice for such endeavors.

Best Luxury Beach Resort in Southeast Asia by World Luxury Awards 2023

Conquering the new height on the integration journey

In the face of contemporary challenges, Furama remains steadfast in its commitment to innovation, catering to the evolving needs of customers while fostering the integration of Danang. “The application of advanced technology, the enhancement of service quality, and the commitment to environmental conservation are continual efforts by Furama,” said Nguyen Duc Quynh, General Director of Indochina Beach Hotel JSC – the representative of the investor of Furama Resort Danang shared.

Quynh further revealed that in 2023, the complex has witnessed significant advancements, especially in the realm of digital transformation. New systems such as automated message responses with integrated ChatGPT chatbot, committed hotel information management system, and 360-degree virtual travel experience, have brought new and convenient experiences to customers. As a result, the complex can enhance customer reach, enabling more attentive service delivery while staying abreast of global development trends.

Furthermore, Furama – Ariyana Danang International Tourism Complex has established and developed the prestigious IBH Academy, providing comprehensive training programs in tourism, human resource management, and practical skills related to hotel operations. Since its inception in 2020, the IBH Academy has experienced rapid growth, proudly partnered with esteemed organisations including the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Da Nang City Confederation of Labor, the Danang Tourism Association, the Danang Hotel Association, as well as renowned tourism universities worldwide such as EHL Hospitality Business School, Singapore Polytechnic International, and Pegasus International College among others. The IBH Academy’s mission is to curate a proficient leadership team not only for Furama Resort but also for resorts and hotels throughout Danang and Vietnam.

With a remarkable 26-year development journey, Furama transcends its identity from a mere resort, becoming an integral part of Danang’s successful narrative on the world tourism stage. It is not just a destination; it is a tourism icon, exemplifying Vietnam’s spirit of integration and innovation in a challenging and opportunistic era.

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