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The art of getting away

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Thanh Long Bay, a luxury urban resort and water sports complex located on the coast of Binh Thuan province, began as a vision to meet the growing needs of Vietnam’s upper middle class.

Called a summer home or vacation home in other countries but often referred to as a second home in Vietnam, it is a refuge from the stress of work and hectic pace of daily life in the big city. It is a place suited to your personal style, it is a place to spend the national holidays or the long summer vacations, or even the spur of the moment weekend getaways.

The second home is meant to be always ready to receive you when you need it. The developer of Thanh Long Bay, Nam Group, and its partners envision it as a resort destination well known throughout Asia, but also as a place where high earning Vietnamese professionals would be comfortable owning that special place called their second home.

The perfect getaway like Cape Cod for Boston or Hampton Beach for New York City is a combination of several factors. First, it needs some proximity to the city so that you can get into the car and go. It needs the sense of tranquility and relaxation that nature perfectly provides. It needs some of the luxuries of urban life such as a high end dining and a club to relax with friends. It needs fun activities for the family to enjoy together. And above all, it needs the ocean because nothing else brings ease to the spirit like watching a sunrise over the ocean. Thanh Long Bay has all these elements. It has close to 2 kilometers of beach front, and is located in a pristine bay of emerald green waters. Behind Thanh Long Bay to the west are forests and then mountains that loom so large that they seem closer than they really are. To be in Thanh Long Bay, standing between the mountains and the water, is to understand better the myth of Lac Long Quan, and why the Vietnamese see themselves as people of the mountains and the seas. Thanh Long Bay will feature varied living spaces such as condominiums, townhouses, garden homes and shophouses. It will feature urban amenities such as cafes, restaurants and even shopping. It will feature a full range of water sports and activities such as windsurfing and stand up paddling, enough to satisfy the most ardent water sports enthusiast.

The ideal Thanh Long Bay experience is a weekend getaway from the big city. A person can leave a little early from Ho Chi Minh City and after a 3.5 hour drive, arrive at Thanh Long Bay by evening. The specially designed symphony of lights make Thanh Long Bay a glorious sight to behold at night. That person and his family can enjoy a dinner at one of the numerous restaurants at the resort, and then browse along the walking street or night market. The next morning, that person can wake up early to enjoy one of nature’s greatest gifts, a sunrise over the ocean.  If his second home is at the Wyndham Coast condominiums, he can enjoy a panoramic view of the spectacle. Breakfast can be prepared at home and then enjoyed outside in one of Wyndham Coast’s many outdoor mini gardens located high above ground. Wyndham Coast features a modular design that looks as if a series of blocks have been placed on top of each other, each at a slight angle and set apart from the ones next to it. This creates space between the blocks for open areas for trees, gardens and residents to relax. To look at Wyndham Coast is to think of a garden that has grown organically from the landscape, not an edifice that has intruded on it. It is worth noting that Wyndham Coast is named after the internationally recognized brand in the field of hotels and resorts. Wyndham will manage the property and bring to it all of its experience and attention to detail.

Thanh Long Bay enjoys 1.7km of coastline, a stable climate, sandy beaches, gentle waves and sea breezes that are all safe and suitable for marine sports activities.

After breakfast, it’s time for the ocean. This can involve simply frolicking in the clean waters or walking along the soft sand beach. It can also involve motorized watersports such as jet skis and banana boats, and non-motorized sports such as stand-up paddling, kayaking and rowing.  There is a water sport academy managed by H20 Sports Hawaii where you can hone or develop new water sports skills. Thanh Long Bay is heaven for a water enthusiast.

After time in the ocean, there is Binh Thuan province itself to explore. The province is considered by many photographers to be one of the most scenic, photogenic regions of Vietnam because of the dramatic natural contrasts between sea, forests and mountains. There are hiking trails and local places of interest such as Ke Ga lighthouse and dragon fruit farms to visit and experience. When evening comes, there are many dining options to choose from at Thanh Long Bay. Perhaps there will be a festival taking place. Thanh Long Bay, because of its location and facilities, will be an ideal venue for seaside festivals. Nightlife will offer the Whiskey Bar, Beach Pub, and Sky Bar among other places. There is a night market and even an Outlet Center for retail therapy. There is a spa center to unwind from a hard day of fun. You can even catch a glimpse of a wedding ceremony being held at the Wedding Resort Complex. A place more romantic will be hard to find. Nigh time at Thanh Long Bay is the same as daytime there are numerous things to do and experience.

Or you could choose to do nothing except relax on the balcony of your Wyndham Coast condominium and stare out at the ocean. The point of a second home is to be a refuge where you can do whatever you want.

In fact, many families have owned their second homes longer than their primary homes. That is because while the needs of daily life may change over the years, the need to relax and escape will always be there. Thanh Long Bay is designed to meet the needs of its residents in all respects. It is designed to be part of the family for a long time.
The developer Nam Group has announced that this June, Thanh Long Bay will directly introduce to the market phase 2 of the Wyndham Coast beach apartment complex. Along with attractive prices and policies, buyers can receive the special promotional program  “Flash Sale – Surf quickly with Wyndham Coast” with discounts and gifts with a total value up to 500 million / 1 bedroom apartment. This is applicable for all contracts signed before June 20, 2021.

Website: www.wyndham.thanhlongbay.vn

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