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The diversity of face masks in Saigon

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Social distancing rules during Covid-19 mean that the face mask has become an inseparable part of anyone should he or she want to venture out of the four walls of their house. Saigonese have found ways to allow their face masks to look less boring and intimidating, and be more friendly. Face masks in different styles have therefore appeared.

The following photos show the diverse styles of face masks in Saigon. Some of them may tell us that although life is now hard, don’t lose hope and wait for the better.

Another fabric face mask highlighting impressing patterns
The fabric strap of this conical hat is being used as a face mask (?!)
The “butterfly face mask”
An old woman wearing a face mask with a plastic shield expected to protect her from tiny virus-carrying droplets
A face mask showing a pattern of little cute bear
The typical face mask: a surgical mask
A fabric face mask with metal line preventing it from slipping out of the face
A guy with a face mask having a big emblem of the People’s Army of Vietnam on it
A kind of fabric face mask which can cover the neck

By Thanh Hoa

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