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The enchanting beauty of Tia Stream

By Nhu Truc

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Tia Stream beckons to travelers seeking an untouched destination to immerse themselves in and appreciate the wonders of nature.

Nestled some 15 kilometers from the heart of Dalat City, Tia Stream serves as the upstream source of Tuyen Lam Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Dalat. Despite being part of the same water system as Tuyen Lam Lake, Tia Stream possesses a unique beauty, boasting an impressive mangrove ecosystem.

Tia Stream has long been a beloved destination for nature enthusiasts, captivating them with its poetic and picturesque charm. In the early morning, a mystical mist blankets the water surface. As the sun rises and casts its gentle rays, the mist gracefully dissipates, revealing a glistening water surface that sparkles in the sunlight. In the evening, the temperature gradually cools, carrying with it the crispness of winter.

Tia Stream captivates tourists with its poetic and picturesque charm

The ideal time to visit Tia Stream is from late autumn to early spring when the trees shed their leaves, leaving behind bare branches reaching out from the water, adorned with fresh green shoots. These solitary branches stand against the backdrop of the pristine white-water surface, often accompanied by small fishing boats amidst the hazy mist. It is advisable for tourists to explore this enchanting place early in the morning, on days with high humidity and gentle breezes, to fully immerse themselves in the magical mist-covered scenery.

Tia Stream remains a hidden gem for many, retaining its wild beauty, tranquility, and freshness, offering visitors a sense of complete immersion in nature. The area is devoid of extensive tourism services, allowing tourists to rent a small boat at Tuyen Lam’s boat docks to reach Tia Stream, paddle a kayak, or simply camp amidst the expansive forests. You can also trek through the pine forest and capture breathtaking photographs of the surrounding landscape.

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