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The hidden fairy stream on Dinh Mountain

By Ngoc Khuyen - Twinspiration

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The peaceful and pristine beauty of the Fairy Stream (Suoi Tien) in Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province, located away from the hustle and bustle of the city, leaves tourists with a lasting first impression.

Some 7 kilometers from central Ba Ria City, Fairy Stream is located at the foot of Dinh Mountain, Tan Hai Commune, Tan Thanh District. From the top of Dinh Mountain, with a height of nearly 500 meters, the stream gushes down along the rocky mountain, irrigating the fields and forests below.

According to locals, “Fairy Stream” is associated with a legend. In the past, fairies came there to bathe before returning to heaven. There are traces of small footprints along the rock of Dinh Mountain, so many still believe in this legend.

Suoi Tien has a fresh atmosphere with clear blue water. Along the stream’s banks are large rocks and cliffs of many different shapes. There are stairs covered with moss, surrounded by a green forest space and fresh mountain air. Tourists can sit on these rocks and stairs to rest and enjoy the landscape of the Fairy Stream. The rumbling sound of the stream can be heard from everywhere.

Tourists can also experience other activities such as stream bathin camping, trekking and visiting temples on Dinh Mountain

Although Fairy Stream has been exploited to become a tourist site, it still retains its pristine beauty. Recently, the stream has become popular among the young for its social media-worthy pictures and even for families visiting for the weekend.

The stream lures tourists with its majestic and poetic natural picture and offers many interesting experiences. In Suoi Tien, tourists can admire the charming natural scenery, immerse themselves in the cool water and enjoy a picnic under the fresh green trees. Entry is free, so tourists only pay to rent tents and the food there.

Besides, tourists can also experience other activities such as stream bathing, camping, trekking and visiting temples on Dinh Mountain.

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