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The majestic Luu Ly Waterfall in Dak Nong

By Thanh Thu

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Luu Ly Waterfall displays both pristine and powerful beauty amidst vast nature, and has become an intriguing stop for tourists on the journey exploring Dak Nong.

Luu Ly Waterfall is in the Nam Nung Nature Reserve of Dak Song District, Dak Nong Province, which is about 35 kilometers from the center of Gia Nghia City. The waterfall originates in the Nam Nung mountain range and has a 50-meter-height. Luu Ly Waterfall is not widely known, compared to other waterfalls in the area. Hence, tourists visiting the waterfall can freely immerse themselves in the tranquil atmosphere and indulge in the beauty of the Central Highlands.

The landscape surrounding Luu Ly Waterfall is covered by refreshing green trees and lush grass. The waterfall is situated amidst a pristine, primeval forest where huge ancient and pine trees enhance the mystery of the natural scenery. The area has not been largely impacted by humans. Therefore, it still preserves the vivid greenery with a dense canopy that even sunlight has difficulty shining through.

Tourists visiting Luu Ly Waterfall can freely immerse themselves in the tranquil atmosphere – PHOTO: HA THI TUYEN

The best time to visit Luu Ly Waterfall is in the summer when the weather is sunny and the road leading to the waterfall is dry, which is suitable and safe for travelers to travel on. Tourists are advised to avoid visiting during the rainy season, as the paths become slippery. Furthermore, they should bring along sunscreen, mosquito repellents, and sun protection clothing to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Besides visiting Luu Ly Waterfall, tourists can also participate in other outdoor activities, such as experiencing the traditional culture of ethnic minorities there, or enjoy local specialties.

There also is a large lake with a spacious rock bank at the foot of the waterfall, where visitors can camp and hold a barbeque. They can also explore the ecosystem and other attractive tourist destinations in the Nam Nung Nature Reserve, such as Dak P’Ri Stream, JeBri Peak, and others.

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