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The Malaysian town-maker alongside Vietnam fighting pandemic

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Understanding the serious consequences and extreme difficulties faced by the people due to the impact of the fourth outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic in HCMC as well as across the country, Gamuda Land has deployed the GLCares program in order to contribute its efforts to fight the pandemic alongside Vietnam.

“GLCares” is the series of practical corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities that the Malaysian town-maker has implemented during the peak period of the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak for the past four months until now. The beneficiaries of the program are all walks of life, from the front-line forces to the disadvantaged people.

Supporting frontliners

In sharing the difficulties and hardships of doctors and nurses, especially the hospitals in the pandemic prevention and control, GLCares promptly brought support to the “white blouse soldiers”. Through the program, Gamuda Land donated 600 sets of bedding cushions to Field Hospital No. 8, and 600 sets of medical protective clothing to the Covid-19 Resuscitation Center of HCMC to provide convenient living conditions, and necessary equipment for the on-duty forces at these hospitals.

Previously, the company and its employees also donated to the Government’s Covid-19 Vaccine Fund an amount of more than VND330 million.

Helping citizens

In order to directly support the disadvantaged people who are seriously affected by the pandemic, Gamuda Land cooperated with Tan Phu District’s authorities to sponsor thousands of relief sets including food and cash to support people facing difficulties in the area and neighboring districts. A part of these donations was also given to the medical workers and volunteers who were working around the clock in the locked-down areas of the district.

In addition, Gamuda Land also joined hands with partners to spread love to other areas, for instance, donating more than 1.5 tons of rice to the Vietnam Young Business People Association to distribute to the “Loving Rice ATMs” installed around the city.

Besides the goodwill of the company’s leaders, Gamuda Land’s staffs also proactively established a voluntary charity group to mobilize donations to build a “free-food bank”. The charity program provided more than 27 tons of rice, 2,700 boxes of instant noodles, 20 tons of vegetables, and many other necessities and medical supplies to support sanitation and security workers of Celadon City, along with the poor and disadvantaged people in Tan Phu District.

A local woman gets rice from a rice ATM under a program co-held by Gamuda Land, its partners and the Vietnam Young Business People Association to support people affected by the pandemic

Supporting residents

Aware of the difficulties of people in finding food and vegetables on the peak days of lockdown in HCMC, Gamuda Land had put a lot of efforts to find and provide necessaries to Celadon City residents. More than 4,000 gifts including fresh vegetables showed the deep care that Gamuda Land sent to the residents, as well as sanitation and security workers.

Helping homeless shelters

Understanding the difficulties and challenges caused by the prolonged impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the society, especially the disadvantaged people, GLCares program was quickly deployed to help the shelters for homeless people in HCMC.

Gamuda Land donated 330 kg of rice and hundreds of essential food items (eggs, milk, vegetables, instant noodles, etc.) to five shelters hosting over 300 orphan children and people with disabilities. The company hopes that these small gifts would bring joy, hope and assistance to people under difficult circumstances overcoming this challenging period.

Mr. Angus Liew, General Director of Gamuda Land (HCMC), shared: “In our perception, business development must always be associated with community responsibility. GLCares is the program being implemented by Gamuda Land in all countries where our business is present. In Vietnam, GLCares wishes to contribute a little bit of its strength to support people in difficulty of the city, as well as to share the burden with local authorities during this terrible outbreak.”

It is estimated that the total support value of the GLCares program has exceeded VND2 billion so far. The business representative said that the charitable activities of GLCares would be continued to spread empathy and support the community until the Covid-19 pandemic situation is put under control.

In addition to being a “high-roller” in the real estate market, Gamuda Land Vietnam is also a prominent name in CSR activities. The signature charity program of the company is “Run for the Heart” in collaboration with Heartbeat Vietnam, an annual charitable running program to raise funds for poor children with congenital heart disease to receive free surgeries. After eight years of operations, the total fundraising amount of “Run for the Heart” has exceeded VND35 billion, bringing normal, healthy lives and a brighter future to over 1,300 children with congenital heart disease.

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