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The Mekong Delta’s awakening hinterland

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Multiple investors have expressed their keen interest in Tri Ton District in the Mekong Delta province of An Giang, one of the two invincible districts which are home to That Son (seven mountains), a range of small mountains. With high mountains and forests with natural resources still hidden, Tri Ton is compared to a mountainous girl who is surprised at the landscape in the glow of dawn.

Stepping out of the past

Tri Ton has stepped out of its glorious shadow to ceaselessly develop its urban area to the south. It has been busier with residential facilities, a public amusement park and a special tourist site featuring both historical and spiritual characteristics, creating a highlight of the district. Some investors have come up with new plans that will be conducted in Tri Ton, promising a brighter future for the area.

Turning historic values into tourism values is a mission of the new generation. Tuc Dup Hill has turned green, providing tourists with new experiences. Amid the district’s strong economic restructuring, An Giang Tourimex continues to spend hundreds of billions of Vietnam dong upgrading the Tuc Dup Hill historic site and developing the cultural, historic and eco tourism. The landscape in the tourist site has become more splendid and colorful thanks to the investor’s significant investment. Coming to Tuc Dup, visitors can enjoy a joyful and busy lifestyle instead of losses caused by wars, and feel the great vitality there.

With creative investment solutions manifested in projects that combine the investor’s grey matter and love for the country, Tuc Dup symbolizes the local authorities’ vision. Since the local authorities hand over the historic site to An Giang Tourimex, the site has become an indispensable destination in tourists’ journey to That Son.

The remnants of wars and the modern landscape in Tuc Dup Hill have attracted a huge number of visitors, especially the young. Thanks to the local authorities’ effective policies, Tuc Dup Hill has contributed greatly to the provincial budget and other funds to contribute to the district’s sustainable economic development.

Modern leadership

In an era when good ideas can completely change the industry, people with knowledge and creativity, especially those holding managerial posts, are invaluable assets of the society. The attractive investment environment has been built with the support and preferential and investment promotion policies of the local government.

A corner of the Sao Mai new urban area in Tri Ton.

The local government has been resolved to make Tri Ton a favorable investment environment, treated investors well and taken responsibility for local residents.

By taking advantage of its agriculture and supporting the local production and business, Tri Ton has well conducted the missions of fighting the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuring the socioeconomic development since early this year. Tri Ton has continued calling on investors, especially for the tourism and hi-tech agriculture sectors. The district needs to make more efforts to develop tourism, upgrade infrastructure and call for investment to promote the district’s sustainable socioeconomic development, Cao Quang Liem, secretary of the Tri Ton Party Committee, said at a recent district’s Party congress.

The authorities’ preferential policies and prompt support will help Tri Ton change for the better. Ethnic groups in the district know that their unity and determination will help develop the local economy, keeping pace with Tinh Bien District.

Tri Ton, a mountainous multi-ethnic region, has become more attractive with its beauty and growth.

By Ngoc Le

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