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The peaceful scenery of Huu Lien Commune

By Trang Trang

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Huu Lien Commune has recently attracted tourists for its peaceful and poetic scenery. This area has diverse terrains with high mountain ranges, poetic rivers gently flowing around the valley, and flat grasslands along the Dong Lam Steppe.

Huu Lien Commune is in Huu Lung District of Lang Son Province, about 80 kilometers from the center of Lang Son City and 130 kilometers from the center of Hanoi. The entire commune is located inside the Huu Lien National Forest Reserve.

The commune is surrounded by vast terrains such as the Huu Lien Special-use Forest, the Dong Lam Steppe, and the Nong Dung Lake. Huu Lien Forest is considered a green lung of the northwestern region with limestone mountains, mysterious cave systems, underground streams and seasonally flooded lakes.

Huu Lien Commune has diverse terrains with high mountain ranges, poetic rivers gently flowing around the valley and flat grasslands – PHOTO: TRANG TRANG

In addition, travelers cannot miss the Dong Lam Steppe when they visit Huu Lien Commune. Tourists can visit all year round. During the dry season, from November until June next year, the entire steppe is covered with green grass suitable for outdoor activities such as camping, barbecue parties, fishing and horse riding. In particular, in the rainy season, from July till October every year, the water rises, turning the steppe into emerald lakes. At this time, tourists can enjoy kayaking and standup paddleboarding.

Not too distant from Dong Lam Steppe, tourists can immerse themselves in the cool jade-green water of Nong Dung Lake, enjoying the fresh air of the mountainous region while admiring a pristine natural landscape, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

Huu Lien Commune also has three community-based eco-tourism villages: Lang Ben, Lang Coc, and La Ba. Visitors can find a homestay with an average price of VND150,000 per night for each person.

Being favored by nature for its geographical location, the commune has the potential to develop many types of tourism services: experiencing the river during the flooding season and camping during the dry season.

Huu Lien is home to nine ethnic groups. The people there are friendly and hospitable. Therefore, tourists can explore cultural diversity and enjoy local specialties, cultural heritage and traditional dance performances. They can also stroll around the village, pick up fruits in the garden and take pictures of the ripe rice season to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the countryside.

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